Knowledge management environments

Nowadays, knowledge management environments are tools that allow learning to be managed under virtual environments for companies from different approaches:

Internally, it allows to increase the intellectual capital, since through e-learning the experience is shared and it allows the continuous improvement of the processes, the communication and this leads to an increase in the skills and training of the personnel in less time.

On the other hand, it improves business opportunities with customers and suppliers, since they better understand the products and services that the company offers.


Our integrations with the most popular knowledge management environment technologies.

Learndash Wordpress

It is a WordPress plugin tool that allows you to configure e-learning environments where the following are managed:

  • Modules, courses, lessons.
  • Questionnaires
  • Assessment and monitoring of learning.
  • Generation of achievements and certificates.
  • Marketing and sale of courses.
  • Integration with other WordPress plugins.

eLearning Odoo

Open source learning management software for your eLearning platform.

Quizzes, points, badges, group questions and answers. Participants retain more and can help each other, which decreases the time needed to level up.

Active learning with evaluations and certifications.

Continuous improvement

In an organization, human talent, experience and knowledge are the intangible asset that increases the ability to innovate and with it the value of the company.

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