Fiscal Printer Integration

We offer complete Odoo support for invoice printing via machines that comply with the national guidelines.

With the fiscal printing module, you'll be able to emit invoices and credit notes from the Odoo UI, as well as manage print spoolers, and all of this while complying with the guidelines that have been established by the fiscal laws

The fiscal machine integration offers you:

  • Management of several authorized fiscal machines
  • Invoice and credit notes printing
  • Monitoring every invoice or credit note and their states
  • Remote connection to the fiscal machines: Send invoices from Odoo to the machines connected to desktop computers
  • Print invoices from any place you get access to Odoo: thanks to Odoo being in the cloud, you can print invoices even if you're not always on the same device

Closing the gap between the cloud and the fiscal machines

The fiscal machine integration has a light application in charge of closing the gap between the cloud and the fiscal machine. Given that Odoo works in the cloud, it can be a challenge to create a direct connection to the fiscal machines, and this application comes to solve that problem by keeping the print spooler in sync with the fiscal printer no matter where its location

Print spooler synchronizer is designed to:

  • Work without taking to much resources
  • Support the authorized fiscal machine models in the country
  • Monitoring printing errors
  • Synchronize the print spooler from the cloud to the fiscal printer
  • Keep working without internet connection: the application will keep printing the invoices in the print spooler even if the conection to Odoo is interrupted

All of this while complying with the laws of Venezuela

Both the fiscal machine module and the synchrnizer were created to work acccording to the guidelines established by the fiscal rules of the country, so there is no need of using additional tools to print invoices from Odoo. Also, the fiscal machine integration already includes all of the benefits of the Venezuelan localization out of the box.

Fiscal printer Odoo V14

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