Custom development

This service is for clients that need to build applications with unique requirements that cannot be covered by market tools. Depending on your needs we might develop your app with different tecnlologies and tools.

Out speciality in this area is focused in the web development, with possible Single Web App (SPA) an Progressive Web App (PWA), using technologies like: React, Vue.js, Node.js, Firebase, Django, among others. 

Normally we recommend you to develop a PWA when the needs can be covered by this tecnology, given that it saves developing time by providing support for web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux as just one target.

From the back end to the front end

We offer the development of complete-cycle products from the back end to the front end. We build your web app, mobile app, or desktop app using the most modern technologies.


We have experience in a great variety of technologies to develop your requirements







Success stories

These are some of our clients' products built with custom development

At plusteam together everyone achieves more

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