Venezuela's localization

Each country handles its accounting processes in a different way, each one has its laws and regulations that mark the fiscal requirements, hence the need to have a module focused 100 percent on the Venezuelan fiscal guidelines.

For this, we offer you the Venezuela module Accounting - Venezuelan, accounting localization Odoo V14 that offers a robust environment that adapts Odoo to the requirements that Venezuela demands from a fiscal and accounting point of view.


Open Source ERP and CRM, Odoo v14

Withholding Process

The Odoo V14 Venezuelan Accounting Location module allows the configuration, application and declaration of legal taxes, according to the guidelines established by SENIAT.

  • VAT withholding invoiced for purchases (withholding voucher and its respective report by date period in TXT and PDF for their respective declaration)
  • Income tax withholding on the invoiced amount for purchases (withholding voucher and its respective report by date period in XML and PDF for their respective declaration)
  • Registration of VAT and ISLR withholdings on sales.

Libros fiscales

  • Inventory book
  • Journal Book (summary)
  • Ledger (summary)
  • Sales book 
  • Purchase book

Books required by SENIAT


Tax on Large Financial Transactions

In the Extraordinary Official Gazette of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela No. 6,687 of February 25, 2022, a reform is applied where a tax is implemented on operations in currencies or cryptocurrencies other than the bolívar and the petro, carried out by natural and legal persons.

General configuration

  • Registration and configuration of tax information for customers and suppliers.
  • Point of sale and bank commissions
  • Configuration types of people.
  • Register ISLR concepts.
  • IGTF.
  • Registration of seal and signature for withholding vouchers.