Una herramienta para Supervisar y gestionar tiempo efectivamente

Solamente podemos mejorar lo que medimos y uno de los recursos más valiosos es el tiempo, +Tracker es una herramienta que te permitirá llevar el seguimiento de tiempo de forma fácil y con la menor intervención en las actividades del día día.

+ Tracker helps you better understand how you spend your time or that of your workers during the workday.

  • View detailed activity, applications used, web pages visited and screenshots.
  • Generate custom reports to control your budgets.
  • It increases the capabilities of your project management tool as well as the control of estimates and time spent on tasks.


Our integrations with the most popular project management technologies


Simple and automatic tracking

Using our monitor application you can configure your working hours and automatically track the activity in each application or web page you use.

+Tracker easily integrates with your favorite project management tools to make it easy to sync the time spent on each task.

Increase productivity

Thanks to the fact that +Tracker generates reliable efficiency and productivity metrics, each user will be able to evaluate their performance day by day.

It also offers the possibility of activating tips and alerts to help you increase your productivity.

If time is money then follow up

Visualize efficiency indicators that will help you improve productivity. Integrate projects and map time to tasks from your favorite management tools. Visualize the time spent on projects/tasks to better control your budgets

Why use +Tracker?

  • Cross-platform automatic tracker for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Synchronize tasks, projects and tracked time with the most popular project management solutions on the market
  • Keyboard and mouse monitoring.
  • Monitoring of active applications
  • Custom reports.
  • Automatic screenshot shots with privacy option (blur).