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With technology constantly changing, companies need an enterprise resource planning system that allows them to integrate their databases, automate their processes, save time and be more productive, all in one system. 

For this, we offer you the Odoo implementation service in your company. We can adapt it to your needs and at affordable prices, unlike other ERP solutions on the market.


We provide solutions with the most popular Odoo technology








It is an open source ERP that has modules integrated with each other, which you can use in your company according to your needs, which allows you to automate and track all your operations centrally, online and accessible from anywhere and with any device. 


Odoo Inventory is both an inventory app and a warehouse management system. It includes the administration of products, attributes, units of measure, serials and barcodes.

It also allows the configuration of waiting times, replenishment automation, inventory movements, adjustments and the establishment of advanced routes in different locations within your company's warehouses.


The purchasing application allows you to manage your suppliers, purchase agreements, quotes and purchase orders. Enables automation of the replenishment process based on stock levels.

It facilitates the import of price lists and supplier references, which allow smart purchasing decisions based on data, according to quantities, established conditions and precise statistics on your purchasing flows.


The Odoo sales application is a software where your sales process is executed (from the quotation to the sales order), merchandise delivery and invoicing, in addition to having electronic signatures and payments by Odoo.

It incorporates the benefits of effective sales management by offering options for customer management, quote templates, discounts and much more.


Odoo Accounting is an application with full accounting features. It allows the creation of invoices according to the requirements of the law and the tracking of payments in a simple way.

In addition to controlling the invoices of your suppliers and customers, creating a clear forecast of invoices payable and receivable, it makes it easier to save time with the use of the bank reconciliation tool and financial reports to keep your company's accounts.


It is a learning management system that allows the generation of courses, questionnaires, points, questions and group answers.

It allows you to estimate success and get feedback through a system of badges, evaluations and certifications for your students.


In addition to all the customizations to adapt the solution to your company's processes, we have:

Fiscal printer Odoo V14

Localization Odoo V14

Multicurrency Odoo V14

Certified Partner Odoo v14

Learn more about plusteam certification at Odoo

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